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With years of experience in the field, Jaimes Brothers Landscaping has taught us that to be considered the best in Lawn and Landscaping, we must use not only top-of-the-line tools for quality and safety but master great techniques and know all the tricks of the trade. But also have excellent, experienced, and very friendly professionals on our team.

That will guarantee quality in our jobs, projects, and, more importantly, your satisfaction.

The Landscaper comprises a group of highly skilled landscaping professionals who pays much attention to small details. In the 15+ years of experience… Read More

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Find out how you can get a Service that supports your goals, and a team of experts focused on you.

Jaimes Brothers Services Lawn & Landscaping

The Best Creative and, Landscaping and Gardening Specialists in Texas, where you find a truly dedicated professional team that listens to you and works with you to make your ideas part of our project to give you what you really want.

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Landscaping Services

We provide superior service so that residents and businesses of our beautiful Texas Gardens are installed and built with high-quality professionalism.


Lawn Care Services

We can provide an exquisite service that will give your property a whole new look, help you add value to your property by installing an excellent Garden solution…

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Best Tree Services

We provide the best tree service to the residents and business owners of our beautiful Austin area. You can be safe and secure…

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Fence Installations

We can help you add value to your property by installing an excellent fencing solution. A fencing system can protect your home, keep your children safe…

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Building Deck Patios

Add a deck or patio to your home can help you transform your house, increase your value, and the entire family enjoys the beautiful outdoors.;

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Concrete Work Services

Concrete needs to be fixed from time to time, stamping freshly placed concrete, you can achieve the high-end look of stone or brick pavement…

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Masonry Work Services

If you need an outdoor home renovation project, masonry services don’t always come to mind. Our masonry services will work to provide a great landscape…

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Outdoor/Patio Kitchen Services

Well-designed and installed outdoor kitchens include everything you need to create complete meals and provide a great experience…

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Sprinkling Installation and Repair

We provide professional sprinkling installations. Sprinklers help create a uniform and lush lawn and provide…


Top Dressing

Topdressing can be used for smoothing a grass surface. It can be used following seeding, over-seeding, or sprigging…

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Roof Covers

Roofing Covers That Keep Your Home Protected from Wind, Storm, Snow. We can provide the best roofing cover for patios…

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Create a Successful Playground for Your Kids, we building an area where your child can have fun and be safe.

Need a Professional Tree Services or Landscaping Expert in Austin Texas?

We have a range of tree and landscaping services specialists who can help you. +15 years of experience our staff keep your property safe-looking and beautifully.on you.

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Where you find a truly dedicated professional team that listens to you and works with you to make your ideas part of our project to give you what you really want.

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Find out how you can get a Service

that supports your goals and a team of experts focused on you.

Customer Feedback

Jean-David DahanJean-David Dahan
16:29 30 Nov 21
Great work done fast with a friendly crew, at a competitive price. They're busy so it may take a while and some reschedules but if you can handle it it's well worth it. Will be happy to use their services again.
Daylee KittDaylee Kitt
03:29 13 Nov 21
We had an excellent experience with Jaimes Brothers Landscaping Services! We were looking for someone to help us out with our landscaping and Martin was perfect for this task. He did a great job of planting the bushes that we wanted in the backyard after they suffered in TX's recent freeze. I would recommend him to anyone who needs some maintenance on their plants!
Emelina RochEmelina Roch
05:56 11 Nov 21
We dealt with Martin and their work crew who built a killer fence for us that looks beautiful and way better than my other fence I got installed with someone else. I love my new fence!! Great company all around. Highly Recommended!
Lauren EspositoLauren Esposito
14:54 09 Oct 21
Martin and his team are amazing! They were super busy this year, especially after that snow storm in Texas, but they managed to fit us into their schedule and knocked out our whole project in about 2.5 days. We threw a lot of questions and changes at them during the process (sorry, Martin!) and they were so flexible and pleasant to work with. We couldn’t believe how quickly they completed this project!! Also, their prices were significantly lower than other businesses in the area. Highly recommend this business ?
Gregg PrimmGregg Primm
23:59 31 Aug 21
Carlos and Martin and their team just replaced our patio and we could not be more pleased. It is beautiful. The quality of the work is top notch and the pricing is very reasonable. They completed the work in just a few days and thoroughly cleaned up after themselves. We highly recommend these guys!

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