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Landscaping Services

We provide superior service so that residents and businesses of our beautiful Texas aour Gardens is installed and built with high-quality professionalism.


Lawn Care Services

We can provide an exquisite service that will give your property a whole new look, help you add value to your property by installing an excellent Garden solution…

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Tree Services

We provide the best tree service to the residents and business owners of our beautiful Austin area. You can be safe and secure…

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Fences Installation

We can help you add value to your property by installing an excellent fencing solution. A fencing system can protect your home, keep your children safe…

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Building Decks Patios

Add a deck or patio to your home can help you transform your house, increase your value, and the entire family enjoys the beautiful outdoors…

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Concrete Works Services

Concrete needs to be fixed from time to time, stamping freshly placed concrete, you can achieve the high-end look of stone or brick pavement…

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Masonry Works Services

If you need an outdoor home renovation project, masonry services don’t always come to mind. Our masonry services will work to provide a great landscape…

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Outdoor Kitchen Services

Well-designed and installed outdoor kitchens include everything you need to create complete meals and provide an entertaining experience for your guests…

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Sprinkling Installation and Repair

We provide professional sprinkling installations. Sprinklers help create a uniform and lush lawn and provide a…


Top Dressing

Topdressing can be used for smoothing a grass surface. It can be used following seeding, over-seeding or sprigging…

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Roof Cover

Roofing Covers That Keep Your Home Protected from Wind, Storm, Snow. We can provide the best roofing cover for patios…

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Create a Successful Playground for Your Kids, we building an area where your child can have fun and be safe.

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Jaimes Brothers Landscaping provides the highest quality landscaping and tree services in Texas. Whether you need a landscape designer, Lawn Mowing or Tree Care, we are dedicated to providing you with affordable solutions and a reasonable price to fit your budget according to the service you request.

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